Monday, July 25, 2005

Almost done! This was fun Posted by Picasa
One of the most softest bath mats ever! These rock! Thanks Bette Posted by Picasa
Gift cards (one for each of us) to Linen and things. I can not wait to go shopping. Thanks Jim & June!  Posted by Picasa
Now we will know where we live. This is really cool.. a solar house marker. Thanks Helen & Murphy Posted by Picasa
The cast iron griddle.. now I have to camp and cook! Thanks Jo & Bill! We can not wait until the next trip Posted by Picasa
Brian & myself getting ready to open gifts. Posted by Picasa
Melanie, Niki & Kris Posted by Picasa
Sissy!!!!  Posted by Picasa
Brian and Uncle Ron Posted by Picasa
Brian is so happy.. now his wine will be cool and ready to drink any time. Posted by Picasa
Check out the cool toaster! I can even defrost in a toaster now! :-) very cool.. Thanks mom & dad Posted by Picasa
Caitlyn thinking about shopping at Tiffany's Posted by Picasa
Kris looks so excited! Posted by Picasa
Grandma and Melanie chillin Posted by Picasa
Nancy, Ron, and kids hanging in the living room Posted by Picasa
Hi Everyone.. There is Larry, Jo, Dad, Bill, Mom, June & Jim sitting at the table chatting Posted by Picasa
The BUG! A small locust shell. Posted by Picasa
Wow, what a great flower! Lauren has a great green thumb Posted by Picasa
Brian, Lauren, Larry (Brian's dad) and Caitlyn playing bocce ball. Posted by Picasa
Here is Sami with her eyes open.. she is such a ham Posted by Picasa
Sami posing for a picture with Kris & Niki... she is so sweet Posted by Picasa
Some crazy kids that escaped from the looney bin Posted by Picasa
Check out dads new girlfriend.. I think her name is Jo-Hanna! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

And lastly here is a sad dad.. almost crying because I had to go home. See you next weekend daddy. Posted by Picasa
Here is Michelle at mom and dads working on a new knitting project. Posted by Picasa