Saturday, September 17, 2005

Here I am almost ready for the big night out tonight. But this is our wedding present from my family! You guys are the greatest!! Love you!!! Posted by Picasa
My friend Cindy threw me a bridal shower! She did so much work and it was so much fun! Thanks Cindy Posted by Picasa
Hey do you have more TP? Posted by Picasa
Time to dress our brides.  Posted by Picasa
Amy M in here toilet paper wedding dress. Things are getting crazy now Posted by Picasa
Ginni in her toilet paper wedding dress (doesn't she look cute) Posted by Picasa
Melanie in her toilet paper wedding dress.
 Posted by Picasa
The Cake.. see ladies there was a cake. It was so yummy.  Posted by Picasa
Michelle Lecory helping me with a open a gift Posted by Picasa
Me opening gifts Posted by Picasa
The bride & groom wine bottles :-) Posted by Picasa
Michele L, Deborah & Tammy Posted by Picasa
Amy & Virginia Posted by Picasa
Ginni, Melanie & Patricia hanging at the shower Posted by Picasa
Here is a picture of the cake Karen made me for my bridal shower. She did an awesome job Posted by Picasa
Dads pumpkin patch. I think Kyle said he is going to out do dad in the pumpkins this year. Dad you better watch out, looks like you have some competition. :-) Posted by Picasa
Here is a sunflower by the pool. It is different than the ones in dads garden.. See the bees. Dad are these honey bees? Posted by Picasa
Here is dad watering his garden Posted by Picasa
Here is a sunflower from Dads garden! Posted by Picasa