Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have you ever seen an Oreo-Cookie Cow?

Well now you have... these cows are actually called BELTED GALLOWAYS
These are a Scottish Cattle and are one of the oldest cattel breeds in the world. Although they are more a hobbie cattle (yes, you can have a hobbie of raising cattle), they can be use for food and milking purposes.
I was first told about these cows by Brian's gram and then several weeks later I saw these in our area, but was never able to find them again (I don't recall where they were) for picture purposes. We were lucky when we were in NC Brian saw them and we were able to get a picture.
I find them pretty darn neat looking

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shell said...

wow - they are really rare! I know they are known for producing really great milk for cheese. So when are you getting some for the homestead?